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There are stories being told every day, demanding the attention of an audience overwhelmed with requests to take action; and there are crucial issues that get ignored. The content surrounding these issues is often complex and difficult to understand. There is vital work that does not get the exposure that it deserves when the public finds it hard to engage with and turns to something less complicated. 

We have a simple and clear objective: to turn significant stories, campaigns and research into universally understandable and accessible visual stories that engage and move a global audience, elevating the issues to a level that cannot be ignored. 

If you are working on humanitarian and environmental issues; and you need to to get your message out to the world, to raise awareness or advocate for change, then we should talk. We have worked on collaborations and commissions with media outlets, NGO's, academic and civil society organisations around the world, on projects that have made a tangible impact. These projects have been instrumental in determining the outcome of court cases and have raised awareness through global media exposure.

If you want to create projects of strength and power, giving a voice to real people who are affected by real issues, then please do get in touch using the form below or email